Monday, November 19, 2012

My dear, sweet friend Vicki (who lives entirely too far away from me) asked me a question recently.  Here is an excerpt of that question:

"I'm redoing my curtains in my living and dining room - taking down the old chunky lace tablecloths I had swagged and gathered and tied and draped and replacing them with bleached drop cloths hung over old hangars ala Funky Junk Interiors (I'm a huge fan too, Vicki!) ...anyway, do you have any ideas about what I could do with all these old tablecloths. They're not in great shape - some holes, some rust stains and a bit misshapen now that they've been hung in weird ways over the years. Any ideas at all - of course, I'll have to check pinterest, but you came to mind and I thought you'd be the perfect person to ask."

Well Vicki, since reading your note to me, I just can't get your question out of my mind.  "What to do with old lace table cloths that are in "less-than-perfect" shape?  Well, I came up with a few ideas.  I hope you enjoy and get inspired!
                        (WARNING:  photo-heavy!)

Old, ripped, stained, lace tablecloth that I had just washed.


What about using that old tablecloth as a table runner?  Here, I went for a mono-chromatic look.  I felt the tablecloth added softness and texture.

 IDEA #2

 How about taking an old suitcase (notice the rips and stains - ewwww.....)
and turning it into:
 A drink station!  For the holidays, it's a pretty simple thing to pull together.


What about a simple, romantic bunting on the banister?

 or a simple cover up for a chair
 (that-I-got-at-a garage-sale-with-dreams-of-recovering-some-day-soon)

A tree skirt?

 Or filler for a vase.
  I think the tablecloth gives this display a lot more presence.  A few twigs, Christmas balls and an old tablecloth in a (chipped) vase!  Not bad....

 Well, there are just a few ideas I had.  Some of them might be new ideas, some you may have already done yourself.  However, I have to say, it was a lot of fun to play!  Thank you Vicki, for the great question you asked me.  I sure would love to see what you ended up doing with your old, lace tablecloths.

Oh, and I do have one more idea.  I'm not sure Frodo likes it though.  He says it's for girls.
Please don't mind the stained carpet.  It's getting cleaned next week.


  1. Ha ha great! Thanks for great ideas, smiles and little laughs :) Love to follow your blog. Greetings from Denmark, Europe

    1. Thank you for visiting Polly - all the way from Denmark! Thanks for leaving a comment - I so enjoy them!