Sunday, November 11, 2012

A New Lease on Life

It's been quite a while since I shared my thoughts, ideas and projects with you.  

  Would you agree with me that sometimes life has to turn our head to get our heart in the right place?  These past months have been a time of taking a step back.  To weed out what is unnecessary, what encumbers.  But instead, cling to what is good, true and lovely.  
Find what is beautiful and gaze at it.  
Sometimes beauty can be difficult to find.  When life is relentless with it's demands and unfairness, we can feel like this:
             Worn down.  Ripped up.  Stained (did someone have an accident?) and just...... OLD.

              But wait!  We must remember that we ARE beautiful.  That we DO have a purpose.  

               Sometimes, we can feel hidden, and not appreciated and we wonder why we are here. 

                If we can just allow this sometimes cruel life to shape us:
Tear away the ugly stuff

Clean out our nasty old stuff (see how old this stuff is? That's actually Straw!) and allow HIM to adorn us and make us beautiful.

(And ask your beagle to help hold down the fabric while you cut out the pieces.)

Then I think that we would find our intrinsic value.  Our inexpressible beauty.  Our worth that cannot be compared.   
Or at the very least, a new lease on life!
(stay tuned for part 2...)

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