Sunday, November 18, 2012

A New Lease on Life (part 2)

My little chair
All she needed was to have the old stripped away so we could see her true beauty.  Simple evergreen, a handmade flour-sack pillow, and a small star pillow.  This little chair sure looks beautiful to me. 

Isn't this what we are all kind of going through as women?  Call it finding yourself, finding your passion, stripping away the inhibitions, becoming a woman of God....
Sometimes, it's painful.  Sometimes we can wonder why.  We wonder why it has to be this way.  Why is this the thing I need to do?
Because He is the Master Artist.  We can trust his chisel, paintbrush and even the sandpaper.  We don't see the vision He does.
He sees our beauty.
Our usefulness. 


  1. Love this! So true. A great analogy. Especially the sandpaper part. Ouch.

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