Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wow! What a Party!

The graduation party is over.
(thank you Jesus!)

It was a huge success....

...according to my BFF and the graduate.

This is where our guests were greeted.

Then directed to a beverage of their choosing...

They could then choose different seating areas with treats to munch on...

or play Foosball or ping pong
or sit in the shade and smell the Jasmine...

Cate's school is the Southwest stars were everywhere....

"Mom!  Stop taking pictures and help me with this video!"
(youngest son)

All the plants were lovingly donated for the day by our friends at (Cate's and BFF's employer and our friends!)

I didn't get as many pictures as I really wanted   However, it's ok.  I was more concerned with enjoying and celebrating with friends and family.  
We had such a great time.  
Thank you all, for sharing in this journey with me!


  1. Since Joel, Micah and I didn't get to come, could you please re-create all of this for us when we do make it to MN.

  2. Spectacular! You really have an eye, and it looks like the weather was great.

    Love the drink station, it's so organically integrated, and foosball and ping-pong...every party should have those. Birthdays, retirement, even baby showers. Maybe especially baby showers. Only thing missing is box hockey. ;)

    The buckets of Red Vines are so unobtrusive I missed them at first glance, but I'm guessing they weren't only half an inch tall at the actual soiree'.

    Summer-warm jasmine for a moment of zen in the hubbub? Brilliant. Just brilliant.

    Excellent job. Makes me proud to know someone with such talent.

  3. So many fun the hay bale seating and the fun sign. I am helping a friend decorate for a grad party this weekend. The ideas are spinning in my head :) Thanks for the visit...I am happy to be following too!! Chat soon, Laurel

  4. Fun party with lots of good ideas! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Always fun to find new bloggers. I became a follower and now will go explore your blog. :)